Our values

At TICTAC Services, we believe in the following values:

Our processes and methods guarantee a quality work that meets our customers’ requirements.
Quality requires continuous improvement, and every assignment is an opportunity to improve our working methods.
At TICTAC Services, we are committed to the quality of our audit and project results.


TICTAC Services is an independent company whose share capital is wholly owned by its founder.
TICTAC Services is independent of any IT solution provider, and does not sell hardware or software. This financial independence and impartiality in the choice of suppliers ensures that your interests are safeguarded and protected.


Our customers’ success is our sole concern. We only advise our customers to their advantage.
We do not offer advice of convenience.


Knowing our customers enables us to advise them better. That’s why TICTAC Services advocates long-term customer support. In this way, TICTAC Services can follow the evolution of its customers and their needs, and encourage continuous improvement through top-quality advice.

True to its values, TICTAC Services is committed to the security of Swiss SMEs on a voluntary basis, by collaborating in the implementation of a Swiss cyber-security label, Cyber-safe.ch.