Example of projects


Vérification du déroulement de projets stratégiques, dans le but d’identifier les difficultés actuelles et de remettre le projet sur la voie du succès. Analyse de l’organisation, des processus et de l’application des bonnes pratiques de gestion de projet, des riques liés inhérents au projets et pour l’organisation cliente durant tout le cycle de vie du projet. Définition de mesures correctives pour mener le projet au succès.

Audit of invoicing processes and systems, receipts and disbursements, management of accounts receivable and payable. Evaluation of “revenue insurance” controls by tests of the design and operational effectiveness of the controls. Identification and design of additional or complementary controls.

Analysis of business processes and the adequacy of the information system to the organization’s practices. Audit of the collection of cantonal, communal, parish and direct federal taxes, management of receivables and disbursement to administrative authorities.

Definition of the approach: pursue ISO27’001 certification or simply improve security in a pragmatic way? Assessment of the SMSI situation according to the objectives of the organisation, identification and prioritisation of SMSI construction work. Identification of measures for continuous improvement of information security.


Development of B2B processes for a managed services provider. Definition and implementation of a SLA-driven organization to meet the customers’ demand.

Compliance and security

Implementation of an accompanying approach to managing operational risks and managing the company’s compliance requirements. Support for the continuous improvement of the company’s risk profile, development of the control environment, definition and testing (design and operational effectiveness) of risk management controls. Preparation for IGC conformity audits.

Development and implementation of the risk management process related to the security of the company’s information systems, in compliance with ISO31’000 and ISO27’005 standards. Identification and evaluation of risks, and definition of a risk management plan.

Mapping of security equipment and evaluation of security homogeneity in relation to organizational objectives, taking into account the dimensions of confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability. Optimisation of the use of security equipment for a better return on investment.

Definition of a tailor-made IAM concept for your company. Definition of the organisation to ensure identity and access management tailored to the company and its security and data protection policies. Implementation of access management in compliance with applicable regulations (LPD, RGPD).

Financial analysis​

Estimation of the value of the assets developed by crossing several methods, allowing to obtain a credible range for the value of the developments, beyond the cost price and independent of the business model of the service rendered.

Strategy and process

Development of a business resumption plan for the organization. Identification of organizational resilience requirements and business processes (RTO, RPO). Development of a comprehensive mapping of information systems. Define the criteria for triggering the DRP, the business resumption strategy, the organisation and processes to minimise the duration of an interruption.

Development of tailor-made IT processes, applying IT service management best practices (ITIL, COBIT) within the specific context of the organisation. The aim is to improve IT service management and quality for the organisation’s clients and users.

Assessment of the maturity of IT processes in relation to the organisation’s objectives, aimed at improving the management of the organisation’s IT services, as well as their quality for clients and users.

Support for the recruitment of an IT manager for a large company: advertisement of the job offer, selection of profiles, evaluation of files, management of job interviews and assessment of suitability of candidates for the organisation.

Development of a data management strategy, in line with corporate and IT visions, the mission of the data management competence centre within the organisation, in order to enable the collection, storage, availability, analysis and ultimately valorisation of data by businesses. All in line with the principles of security, compliance and sustainability of the data management architecture.


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