Quality policy

At TICTAC Services, quality is not only a founding value of our company, but also a strong commitment to our customers.

This is why TICTAC Services is engaged in an ordinary « satisfied or refunded » policy: if you were not satisfied with our services and the results of the project were not achieved, you will not be charged any fees. Thus, if the project deliverables do not have the required quality (factually), according to the objectives set within the defined scope at the start of the project, then you will not be charged.

Conscious that our customers keep working after our intervention, TICTAC Services includes an after-sales service for its audits for a period of one year. This service consists of a working day offered to the client (or the audited organization) to clarify issues that would occur within one year of submitting the audit report. In general, this day of work consists of a half-day workshop with interested persons and a half-day either of preparation for this workshop (when questions are submitted in advance), or of work after the workshop to clarify open points on the client’s organization side. The form of the after-sales services can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. This workday is offered.